Always here for you through good times and bad times
female therapist with her client

Saafi Behavioral Health Services LLC started offering a listening ear and lending a hand to individuals aged 18 years old and above in 2019. Situated in Rochester, Minnesota, we want to help adults who are struggling mentally, emotionally, and socially to overcome their challenges and lead better, healthier lives.

Through intentional and purposeful interventions, our mental and behavioral health professionals give our clients hope, new perspectives, motivation, and purpose in doing the things they do for themselves, their families, and even for their communities.


We are dedicated to helping individuals achieve mental wellness for an improved quality of relationships and all other aspects of life. We make this happen through our mental and behavioral healthcare services that cover a wide scope of emotional or personality concerns.


We strive to be the go-to friend of adults in Minnesota for any of their career and personal life challenges, trusting us to help them overcome these challenges and become productive individuals in their workplaces, communities, and as part of their families.

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